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Break Shot Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. yea cuz the BreakRak I looks like a penis

  2. Just buy a deluxe BreakRak II break trainer.

  3. hey thanks guys for all ur help!! will try it out next time i play =]

  4. keep your cue as level as possible, any downward force towards the table, the cue ball will tend to fly when it hits the rack, as simple as that. close bridge is recommended, or in the case of 9 ball, when you have to break close to the rail, firmly press your cue on the rail with your palm, and use two-finger bridge. you may see how pros break and how their cues are level

  5. Pretty smart idea.

  6. aim for the dead center of the cue ball, and keep your cue stick parallel to the tabble. like Smaxey843 said below, if you aim down at the cue ball, you will push it into the table, causing it to bounce up.

  7. try being hyper aware of how elevated your stick is. if you have it angled downwards your putting alot of force into the table, and not into pushing the ball along the surface of the table. typically this is why the majority of balls go flying…

    also some debris on the table (small rocks or something like that) could act as a ramp for the cue ball.

  8. my cue ball usually flies off the table when i break.. any help on that?? thanks

  9. yeah you don’t have to be a noob to break bad. I have a decent break and I run about 1 out of 5 games of 9 ball. however I often play people far better than me that would run out 4 out of 5 games if it weren’t for their crappy breaks. break is the most important shot of the game, even for noobs

  10. I think it was one of your videos that helped me understand the importance of breaking the right way, and it is true. When you practice breaking the right way you can see it during the game. More balls fall more often and there is a lot less scratching on the break or even having the cue ball fly off the table.

  11. Oops! Heavier + more inert = more heavier? LOL!

  12. Always good to practice hitting the front ball as squarely as possible. Eventually, though, there’s no way around using the full rack, simply because the weight behind the front ball makes it more “heavier” (“inert” would really be the correct term). Phenolic balls being elastic, the cue ball bounces back from the rack much more than from a single ball, so adjustment must be made to keep it in the middle of the table.

  13. You know you are doing well by making the cue ball stop or drawing straight back. You can see your progress by hitting a full rack. Use this drill for a while and then hit another rack and compare. I have to say that breaking is the biggest current weakness in my game. I also have trouble with accuracy when hitting really hard. This drill helps both.

  14. If you can’t hit it in the right spot might you have more issues in your game than breaking..? Sorry, just had to take that in a funny way, I get what you’re saying I just didn’t see the bigger point in it.

  15. great idea will have to try it

  16. This is more of a practice to hit the object ball squarely on the nose while using a breaking stroke… Yes of course racking would be the best… but if you can’t hit the object ball where you want in the first place then just breaking rack after rack is pointless…

  17. I suppose that works, but if you’re really wanting to improve your game that much, it’s going to be a several, several hour investment so practicing your break like this and not actually seeing all the results your mild adjustments make and all, I’d say it has its place but it’s not as useful as just racking it and breaking them all up.

  18. cool, you could also use that break rak thing perhaps. Although it costs more than a pillow.

  19. Great drill and i admire ur support towards the St. Jude’s foundation.

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