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Bunjee Billiard Butt Jump Cue

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

The Oyster performs the Bunjee ‘BUTT” Jump over the Mermaids Butt. ‘Knowledge is Power”

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  1. opponent is on dirty player, but obviously nothing can distract you!!! huh believe me i would throw the stick away and than i would make a few jump shots! 😀 joke, nice vid!!!

  2. whoa whoa whoa … where the hell did you get that pool partner. lol none of the bars i go to thats for sure.

  3. ill like to see you trying that shot with
    j-lo on the table LOL
    thats at least a 4 foot jump XD

  4. I tried this once. The girl swallowed the black. You should have seen the shot I played to get the black out again.

  5. by far the best trick shot ever.

  6. woh i’d probably be better if i excelled at pool sooner or later ..ass hotness

  7. damn that bitch is fine!!

  8. NO Worries, Who do you have in mind?

  9. i like too see him do that over a black girl

  10. dude forget pool and get tight on that!

  11. kind of strange… that girl should do some squats to maximize the booteus maximus 🙂 but she’d do 🙂

  12. he forgot to whack her ass with the stick.

  13. Now you got everyone playing pocket pool

  14. hotttttttttttttttttttt

  15. Very cool Tim

  16. …okay…

  17. Looks like he was ready to play some one pocket.

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