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Inside Outside English Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. this drill is very helpful thank you

  2. Awsome dril! Thanks.

  3. have you changed your cue?? Or have I forgotten how Predators sneaky pete looks like 😀

  4. Yep this is a really good drill and exceptional demonstration by you ForceFollow! I think that most players who try this drill for a little while will be amazed how often these and similar shot scenarios come up in both 8 ball and 9 ball. Thanks for another great instructional video.

  5. another great video man keep em coming

  6. Oh and thanks again for another great video!

  7. People using this drill should also do it with the unused corners so that you test inside and outside english on both sides of the cue ball. In this configuration inside english is always left and outside is always right.

  8. the terms inside and outside english are contextual, if you have your cue perpendicular to the closest rail, both right and left english are inside or outside.if you have this as your tangent line : _/_ the two underscores are your rail, and your forward slash is your ball path TOWARDS the rail, right hand english will be outside or running english, because the cueball will come off the rail and move faster the opposite, left hand english will slow the ball. i think Forceflow has a video on it.

  9. whenever i use inside english i always over cut the ball its easier when i use outside with draw, it usually doesnt squirt as much

  10. great drill. That mic picks up your voice very nicely, too.

  11. well then dont even try this drill yet haha. you’ll have to learn the basics of english and what it causes (swerve and throw) first

  12. man what about the people who dont no what inside english means and outside english?

  13. nicely done

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