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Kiss Forward

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Free Billiard Video – A demonstration of a shot from Byrne’s Book which raises questions about overspin.
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  1. That’s a nice shot, but it’s definitely NOT the overspin in question!

    The argument is that you can’t achieve a spin/speed ration much better than natural roll IMMEDIATELY WITH THE TIP. That’s not what you show!

    ALL collisions reduce the speed of rolling balls relative to their spin and achieve the type of ‘overspin’ you show. It’s just a natural part of the physics – no trickshot required.

    For a better test for overspin, see the video by FargoBilliards called “Is maximum topspin overspin?”

  2. Nice vid! Still spinning after the hit. Seems obvious to me!?!

  3. i know…. but to me its a made up word…..and pretty irrelevant factor in the game. ….its basically the ball sitting still and spinning because the cloth is slick.

    was the ball Airborne….because if it was then you cant even factor something called overspin into the shot in thiss video. it would mean the ball rolled forward because it landed ontop of the 7 not because of overspin. you follow me???

  4. click on the link to the thread on AZbilliards. All the info is there.

  5. ive played pool for a while and ive never even heard of the made up word “overspin”, till i clicked on this youtube vid….”overspin” ???????
    what is “overspin”?????

  6. ok look at the rotation of the stripe…..its not rolling like there is “overspin” high english . it spins half a roatation and.. doesnt seem to react untill it hits the 7 suggesting that it came down onto the seven watch the slomo….there isnt “overspin” spin yes….slide(on certain new cloth) yes the ball will slide some….Overspin?no. overspin
    ask an elite player about Overspin, see if he cares to bother himself with the subject. DId the ball come down ontop of the 7 is the question

  7. I’m sorry for this, I’m not one to leave these sort of comments, but you are dead wrong, Alpha. Even with the blurred frames of the slow-mo clip, you can plainly see the stripe on the ball rotating, even between the 4 and the 7. Yes, the ball indeed looks airborne, and with the 4 being frozen on the rail it probably was, but ‘overspin’, as one would call it, is indeed present in this case.

  8. there isnt anyspin on the ball between the 4 and 7 suggesting the the cueball was airborne. then after in came down from slightly above the 7 and makes contact it rolls forward…..”Overspin” why rack brain over somthing irrrelivant. spin is spin why compound the word????

    good demo thou just a stupid topic. IMO

  9. it seems like the cueball is elevated above the table after striking the4 and as it comes backwards torwards the7 it actually comes down onto the7 causing it to roll forward.if the cueball wasnt airborn could this shot could even hapen. is the spin is a result of the cueball landing on the seven then rolling forward??? look at the shadow under the ball it appears off the table slightly. you can generate the roll by dropping a ball ontop of another.
    just a thought.

  10. Nice hint to create traffic 😉 This is an obsurd discusssion! I wonder why there are so many strange comments!? If someone really believes that you can create overspin with your cuestick or is able to transport it after hitting a rail or another Ball he is completely wrong!

  11. Its a similar dynamic.

  12. If i may,Francois Mingaud created the “Mingaud masse`”which is now a part of the APTSA masse` list.

  13. It’s clear now. Of course overspin is possible, are you kidding? It happens a LOT, especially when you use… force follow. All you got to do is hit the ball at least 0.2xdiam above its center. I’m surprised there’s even a debate on this.

  14. overspin is very posible .

  15. The cue ball having more forward revolutions than natural roll.

  16. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the concept of overspin. Care to explain?

  17. overspin may not be impossible (i tend to think it is), but with that stroke i’d say it’s unlikey.
    it’s more a question of the cue ball being reacted upon. it’s obviously hit with follow, however it’s path is merely diverted via the object ball pushing it back due to its impact on the rail. then, after the cue ball’s momentum is transfered to the 7, it’s path is no longer interrupted and the remaining follow on the cue ball is allowed to take it’s normal course into the 9.

    my 2 cents.

  18. I don’t think you generated overspin immediately, but it was generated after the 4 ball was hit. It’s actually pretty easy to get overspin after hitting another ball. Not easy at all to generate it with your stroke.

  19. Nice video, thanks! However, I completely fail to see the (physical) problem: you put follow action/top spin on the cue ball (here a stripe), so yes, of course the cue ball has (and retains until friction wears it off) follow action/top spin. The only reason the cue ball comes back is because you double-kiss it off the ball on the rail, the reason it doesn’t fly back to the opposite rail (or into your face – once happened to a friend) is that it hits a loose ball full after a few inches. Simple!

  20. There is already some talk on the forum about this shot. I encourage everyone to go check it out. I link to the thread in the video description.

  21. Just had a go at this. While only once did I successfully execute the shot, it was clear (in most attempts) that the cue ball continued to spin on after contact with the four, and then the seven.

    After rebounding off the object ball on the rail, and flying/skipping backwards, the cue ball retained topspin.

    So what about applying spin to an object ball via the cue ball (“applied side” or whatever it’s called)?

  22. i also agree.
    looks like a nice shot to try just for the fun of it.

  23. interesting i think overspin can be generated AGREE

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