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NV B.65 – Power draw technique advice from VEPS – I

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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Dr. Dave and Tom Ross show how to improve your power-draw pool-shot technique. This is an example shot from Disc I of “The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots” (VEPS). The VEPS series includes over 750 shots in 50 different categories, with over 250 “gems” of the game. The series is the most comprehensive collection of pool shots ever published. Disc I covers basic shot making and position control.

This billiard video has been collected and “categorized” by editors. We add value by grouping and organizing the cue sport related videos found on the internet into logical categories.

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  1. Thanks for you comment about VEPS. It sounds like you need to start saving up. 🙂

    Concerning Massey’s advice to drop the elbow before CB contact … that works great for him, and it might be required for extreme power draw (e.g., with proposition or trick shots); but I think most mere mortals shooting typical game-situation power draw shots will have better consistency (and adequate draw) with no elbow drop before CB contact.

    Dr. Dave

  2. I’ve watched many of your videos, and those 5 discs look very good and with good material – but not avaible for a low budget player like me :/

    on the power draw i try Mike Massey’s tip on droping my elbow and smooth follow thru (: if needed, i throw my body into the shot if there is room for cheating the pocket..

  3. I can’t seem to find any information on what I’ve come to know as a “force-draw shot” (or force-follow), where the distance between the cue ball and object ball is sometimes smaller than the thickness of a nickel. Avoiding the double-hit is the challenge. You will pretty much only come across a shot like that with trickshot artists. I have gotten the hang of it recently, but some high speed footage would be great to see.

  4. Thank you … and you’re welcome!

  5. Great, thanks !!

  6. sorry I do not speak English well enough to explain to you but we will try.
    during the planning of your event “draw” at the time of impact between the process and the object ball, the arrow path some distance (in centimeters)?

    not because of the speed of the coup that brought back the object ball, you agree?

  7. Thanks.

    I don’t know what you mean by “penetration of the arrow in the object ball.” If you explain, I can respond.

    Dr. Dave

  8. there are a lot of quality in your shot, what is the penetration of the arrow in the object ball

  9. I don’t know what that means, but it sure looks good … I hope it is.

    Dr. Dave

  10. il y a beaucoup de qualité dans l’effet rétro ^^

  11. Thanks. It’s all about the technique.

    Dr. Dave

  12. Nice stroke…

  13. You’re welcome. Do you think it will help you “draw the rock” better?

    Dr. Dave

  14. Thanks for the guide!

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