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Oyster Breaks World Billiard Cue Ball Spin Record

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Australian Oyster Spins to 26.7 seconds. Academy of the Cueing Arts Master Instructor

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  1. the effect of this sidespin on the cusions would be very interesting…

  2. This is more like martial arts than pool. But that is a powerful stroke for sure…with excellent mechanics. I would definitely take a lesson if I was in the area.

  3. I knew this….Happy Birthday every year!

  4. Hey you did this on my birthday =)

  5. A very powerful perfect stroke hitting the cue ball at 2R/L with maximum speed, a predator shaft, moori tip and precision alignment.

  6. how you make it spin!

  7. how you can do that

  8. The “perfect” Freeze position! LOL! I’ll have to try that, too!

  9. im lovin the muze.

  10. Exactly Right, Called the “perfect” Freeze position! I exaggerated specifically to demonstrate, even with this difficult shot. I have total control over my body positions. It is 100% real!

  11. o.0 nice shot.. you didn’t move an inch after u striked that ball, lol!

  12. Cloth is Simonis 860 and is 8 months old. Thanks

  13. wow,nice spin i only got 24 seconds on my try,how old is the cloth on the table you used?

  14. Flood by Blue Stone

  15. cool song! What’s the name of the song?

  16. I did try this and only got 12 seconds on my best hit. That’s makes me feel even more amazed at what you can do. Powerful man!

  17. that was absoulutly beautiful……well done.

  18. Thanks Mike, I will do that. I am almost at the 10,000 sets mark on sales of the current DVD’s. Only 21 more sets to go. Thanks everyone! Cheers!!!

  19. Oyster, that is totally cool! You are amazing! Maybe you can teach that on your next videos. I have the first ones and they are brilliant.

  20. The Freeze is a very very important position at the end of any stroke. It assures you stay in place with your body with NOTHING moving, way after the stroke. In this case I am exaggerating this because of the difficulty level of the shot. I am breathing! My body fat index is 9% so it is hard to see my stomach moving in and out. Maybe I should shoot in the nude next time so you can all see that this is real.

  21. I still find it hard to understand, how standing still helps the OB spin longer and also how does it help not taking a single breath or anything.
    Also, as you become a statue the OB starts to spin faster… I believe that is based on an optical illusion that you can see or F-1 car’s wheels when you’re staring at their tires’ decal where the manufacturer is printed. However it still is eerie how it starts doing so when you become stock-still.

  22. You look like a person who wears a lot of silk.

  23. Holding tip on the table is a big part of the KIP teaching progressive system. It is the crucial segment to transferring, recording and switching. Not moving is also very important to FINISHING stroke! Thanks for the question! Enjoy and have an AWESOME DAY! Cheers, Oyster

  24. why you holding tip on table anyways? I find it weird. you don’t move at all, no breathing or movement at all…….. Hehe ;/

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