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Shooting Around The Angles

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. Very nice introduction to this pattern — there are dozens of useful variations.
    Even a little casual 3 cushion play will help a player see more opportunities like this one.

  2. lovin the pause on your back stroke! keep up the good work ff!

  3. Pool really doesn’t require perfect technique. Allison Fisher (snooker background) was really the first player that inspired me to dissect my technique.

  4. Yeah, us snooker players tend to focus a lot on technique rather than just making balls. Glad you’re staying with it. It’ll help you a great deal in the long run with all cue sports to get the mechanics right. Rehearse the shot in your mind during the pause, then focus on the object ball and push the cue out straight.

  5. Thanks for the comment. The pause still isn’t as automatic as it needs to be in my technique. The timing for a shot like this is critical. My timing is still off most of the time. Studying the snooker players has made me a better pool player by exposing all the flaws in my technique.

  6. Excellent video! Typical snooker shot when you get short on the blue and have to get in and out of baulk. Hope you noticed the increased control with these power shot with the pause in the back swing. You’re body/head stays perfectly still and you keep making the shot. Good job!

  7. Respect from Belgium

  8. positively

  9. absolutely

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