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Straight Rail Crowding Patterns

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. lol you’re playing at UH. I used to play on that table quite often before and after class.

  2. I think theres a carom game for that where the object is to scratch the cueball after contact with the first object ball then continue in numerical order. not sure how to incorporate the third ball though. maybe you could setup the third ball into a pocket mouth and have the object to be making that ball. but that would be more of a trick shot me thinks::::::shrug::::::::

  3. how are the shots determined as ready to go? ie. is every shot a set up shot or is there a break shot? Maybe some kind of “first shot” to always make at the beginning of a game?

  4. @ forcefollow and doilyfilm – WOW. Who would’ve thought I would run across two other Q-Stix players on YouTube? LOL.

    Forcefollow? I really enjoy your tutorials. They’ve made a difference in my game play and I want to thank you for taking the time to develop, film, and air these tutorials and segments.

    If you’re ever at Q-Stix anytime soon, look me up … just ask for ‘Q’. I usually hang around Dave, Jason, Gus, Nick, and the other regulars. I’ll buy you a beer or something, man!

  5. The table at Q=stix is nice but it is over an hour from where i live. The Vietnamese tables are typically in bad shape. There is one place with good tables but they don’t take kindly to Me Chang walking in with a camera when they have illegal gambling going on. That tends to make the house nervous.

  6. check out q-stix on 1960. i haven’t seen it myself, but i’m told sylver plays 3-cushion on it sometimes. haven’t you found any good tables at the Vietnamese rooms?

  7. Don’t know of any.

  8. you should find a better table than that one. the cloth is way too nappy, the rails are sluggish, and i think either the balls are oversized or the rails are short…i think the balls are oversized. anyway, that table is awful.

  9. Nice to see you post a video on carom. What kind of cue are you using there?

  10. Since these kinds of games rely so much on play in the corners, I doubt it would work out very well on a normal table.

    That having been said, you could invent some variation involving point deduction for scratches. It would probably be a difficult and annoying game.

  11. Is it possible to play a variation of this on a normal pool table? There aren’t any tables with no holes around where I live.

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