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The L Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. Thanks for th2 drills & congrad on the new videos, your the best and for so long and for free all along

  2. Its a work in progress.

  3. Thanks Marcus…be chatting at yea bud!

  4. Good drill! Trying without touching a rail makes it one of the hardest ones.
    Keep working on that pause. You still have a bit of a stutter: pause then pull back another 2 inches. The key is to move straight forward from the pause.
    It actually helps to close your eyes and really think about what your arm is doing

  5. Thanks for uploading this! Addition for those who love this drill (as I do): apart from doing it the “logical” way, which is to end up higher than the next object ball (so that there’s a one- or two-rail route to one that follows), there’s the extra tough way of using only draw, stop and stun action, and NEVER touch a rail with the cue ball. It’ll make every aspiring player (= which is what we all are) feel like he or she climbed Mount Everest once you get it right with 15-plus balls, promise!

  6. Great drill, thanks.

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