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The T Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Learn more at: Help fight pediatric cancer at:
See Blackjack perform the T Drill at:

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  1. i will try it. thanks for sharing

  2. @SrHornes it sounds alright for me… Make sure your computer and youtube volumes are both turned up, or try using headphones!

    Great advice man, keep it coming.


    great vids

  3. But .. There is only one ” Forcefollow ” ^^

  4. Thnx for all the vids. Helped me a lot in improving my game. Only got one question: Is it me or is the sound a bit on the low side. I have my laptop sound turned up all the way and still have to make an effort in listening to the comments.

  5. @moocus post a picture of yourself, I have to see my doppleganers. LOL

  6. @BlackjackDSapolis his name is marcus? i thought it was creepy that we looked alike, but now i’m freaked out that we have the same name. i must be the doppleganger though because i stink at pool, but i love playing.

  7. Great job, Marcus! Now all you have to do is work on running the balls faster than I did. LOL – thank you for all of the support you have given my instructional material!

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