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The Wagon Wheel Cue Ball Control Training Method

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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22 Responses »

  1. Was this drill your own idea?

  2. Thanks for the comment. It’s good to hear that viewers are putting these drills into practice. Keep it up.

  3. So I just came from practice, among other things i practiced this for an hour. On my opinion if you want to be a good player you should definitely introduce this drill in your practice. It helped my see how I shoot in generaly, it helped me get directly to the ball, and have more control on this type of shots. And it helped me in other drills because there are many in which you shouldn’t use a rail. So this is a MUST DO. Best of whises and keep posting.

  4. They never told me in any specific terms.

  5. @forcefollow yesterday i went to my nearest pool place to try this and its super hard for me to get the ball to each of the other balls, but am still practicing this formula. Thnx bro.

  6. You were “booted from Google”?
    What’s that all about?

  7. no side needed.

  8. @BobEnslow Sweet. He will love it. Thanks again Marcus!

  9. Thanks for the kind words. I am still looking for a table for Robley. I will have more time to do that this summer. I am still trying to brainstorm a way for Robley to play every day.

  10. Thanks for this vid Marcus. Also, thanks for helping out Robley, our AZ horse. You continue to be the selfless promoter of billiards and our fellow man. UR the best man!

  11. Wow. This is a great drill. Thanks for posting.

  12. Very nice Marcus, very nice.

  13. Great information!

  14. very nice drill

  15. simply awesome !

  16. Probably a good idea to do exercises without using any English first (there’s no need here), but why not practice both if you have the time? Neat little exercise, by the way, going to use this in an upcoming training session. Thanks for uploading!

  17. Great training exercise.. thank you!

  18. great method, are you hitting right english ? clockwise , or is it only the power of the stroke ? depending on where you want the ball to go ?

  19. great method, great concept!

  20. Its a process. I am much better with the head and shoulder movement. The back pause has been difficult to add but I have made progress on it. My timing is better now but not what it should be.

  21. Great video! I’m glad you’re working on your technique and incorporating the pause in your backstroke. Try to get rid of the pause before you pull it back another inch then pause again and push the cue out.

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