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Eric Yow Shows you How Much You Suck At Pool

By • Aug 29th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

Awesome skills displayed…Eric Yow is probably one of the best trick shooters around these days. This is a compilation of some seriously kick ass billiard trick shots.

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  1. nice cues but the cloth seems to need a little maintenace.
    But very nice shots.

  2. holy crap thats just not right man wicked

  3. well done u have succesfully wasted a lot of ur life on pointless masee shots

  4. yeah theyre masee shots, all spin, no tricks

  5. nice spin/trick shots.. although you should rename the vid to pool shots and not snooker.. also is the table patched up or just designed like that..? either way the damn table cloth is gonna need some re-stitching after the pounding it took.. 😀

  6. those are apparently some very nice cues LOL

  7. holy crap thats not posible dude thats unbalivable

  8. Thats crazy ;b

  9. its not a fishing line its skill
    lear somthing on trickshot
    and thats not snooker its pool

  10. wow. nice. nice.

  11. ha ha ha u retards- it aint fake. have u never heard of spin?

  12. great video! loved it

  13. its not fishing line, or real, its computer edited. dont knw how he did

  14. hahaha, fishing line!! stupid jerks!! nice shots

  15. it seems you know nothing about him, he has won some championships of fantasy.

  16. if there was fishing line it would tangle round the all while its spinning

  17. fishing line my arse, jealousy

  18. thers fishing line
    tied 2 the cue ball u retards

  19. nice work ^^

  20. Hahaha. It’s real. No magnets.

  21. SWEET
    I wonder how much practice they had to do.

  22. Its done using magnets or something… or the ball is weighted…

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