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Cuetable Shot Contest 0607

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Billiard Trick Shots

Free Billiard Video –

3 rails, diamond system drill for Cuetable’s shot contest 0607.

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  1. wow Tim, I have never seen this. This is incredible !!

  2. I think many people will underestimate the difficulty of this trickshot, but it shows you’re a consistant player, by only missing 2 out of 16. Keep this up! 5/5 + favour

  3. great job, once again. 🙂

  4. Check my blog. Link’s on my homepage in the second “News” listing.

  5. When are you going to post new videos onto your channel? I like to know.

  6. It shows your consistant Tim,keep it up my friend, Rob”the Hurricane”Peacock

  7. I am sorry but I am not impressed. Trick shots lack skill. Anyone can set up something and practice it over and over till they get it. There are no random variables. This is even easier than a trick shot because it lacks an object ball. This is a novice cue ball drill for beginners to teach them the importance of triginomatry.

  8. wow very nice tim! 5 stars all the way

  9. nicely done

  10. Pretty good!

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