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6 Amazing Pool Trick Shots by Mike Massey

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

6 Amazing Pool Trick Shots by Mike Massey. See more pool trick shots at

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  1. the first five are on “5 Amazing Trick Shots by Mike Massey” too

  2. Kentucky born and raised, there are a lot of great players in this are (I’m in Cincinnati). Massey is undoubtedly the greatest mechanical “draw shot artist” (if you will) EVER! NOONE can draw the ball quite like MASSEY. Sammy Sagner (I think that’s spelled wrong) is the only other guy I’ve seen, well him and Yow of course; but still, I would take Massey over either of them in a trick shot competition. His draw is utterly amazing, a “real” pool player recognizes this ability.

  3. The man is a genius.

  4. the front shirt pocket trick amazing

  5. Wow Mike Masseys a champ!

  6. Agreed…Very nice.

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