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Eric Fatboy Peterson What’s in the Case

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Eric Fatboy Peterson What’s in the Case with Samm Diep. See what pool cues and accessories that Fatboy uses. See more at

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  1. best what’s in the case yet

  2. got got money ha didnt mean to put that last got in there

  3. he is super rich ,he is a big time cue collecter i have no idea how he plays but i mean the man is playing with a $25,000 cue so that tells u he loaded hell i got got money i play with a ivory handled phillpi worth bout $13000 and i feel thats way to much for a playing cue myself

  4. when i first read it i thought it said get high, then i read it again and went ooooo BET high

  5. Good ol’ fatboy. Whoring himself out for some ‘look at me’ time! Somethings never change.

  6. thats a $25,000 dollar black boar hella nice playing cue this dude has a full ivory gina cue also and many more

  7. that is a $25,000 dollar playing cue this dude also has a full ivory gina

  8. That is one awesome looking playing cue. Way too expensive for my level of play. I especially love the lizard wrap.


    … i got nothing to say about it.

    Classic, never seen this guy play, i hope hes good. haha

  10. who in the hell is eric peterson, and why does he talk like he just took a fat shot of junk straight to the veins?

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