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Ga Young Kim defeats Jasmin Ouschan at Generation Pool

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Ga Young Kim defeats Jasmin Ouschan with Samm Diep. See more at

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  1. gay young is very agressive playing pool.She takes the difficult shoots inmedialtly…Vivian villareal plays is fast and agressive as well

  2. man this girl is HOT!

  3. thats 2 of the hottest females ever right there

  4. fuck all yall… jasmin oushan is the finest of them all

  5. oh yeah! ga young kim is hot but not yet the hottest. Jeanette Lee is the sexiest, Pan Xiaoting is the cutiest and don’t forget about Shanelle Loraine, she is a new comer..

  6. she is nice and funny, she is great

  7. Yeah she’s definitely hot dude. One of the hottest women in billiards, very talented and exciting to watch as well. I really like these Inside Pool interviews. Really nice.

  8. yes i wanna fuck her

    i love korean women, they love sex.

  9. Ga Young Kim is hot, and for some reason her broken English makes her sound hotter. lol

  10. Ga Young Kim is my favorite women’s pool player along with Karen Corr and Allison Fisher.

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