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Michaela Tabb at the World Pool Masters

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Referee Michaela Tabb at the World Pool Masters speaks with Vanessa de la Cuetara about Patricia Murphy. See more videos at

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  1. hi klownfields michaela is married to a pro pool player she also was a champion herself i met her at sheffield outside the arena and as well as being professional she is a very nice lady very pleasant and willing to give time to joe public a great ambassador to her proffession hope this answers your questions.

  2. Hehe. Touché.

  3. Didn’t know she reffed pool as well as snooker. Rock on lass.

  4. does anyone know if she is married n has kids?

  5. id give her some experience around my table

  6. Michaela is hot, but she’s so professional. She’s my new hero

  7. I think Miachaela Tabb gets prettier every time I see her

  8. Apart from being beautiful, she really is a professional. I wish her even more successes in her career.

  9. Michaela Tabb is the pretty face of billiards!
    Single, engaged, or wedded, she’s a moonbeam on a starless night.

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