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Mike Massey Performs the Impossible Cluster Trick Shot

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Legendary Trickshot Artist Mike Massey Performs the Impossible Cluster Trick Shot for Inside POOL Magazine. See more at pool trick shots

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  1. ☻/
    /▌wow if it says its “IMPOSSIBLE” than how did he do it???? ANSWER MY QUESTION HOW

    / \

  2. its the advertsements

  3. That’s great, two different answers. So, who’s right?

  4. thats when the talking is supposed to start

  5. The yellow line is the time that the advert appears on the bottom of the video…

  6. Please respond, anybody. What does the little yellow line mean, under the red timeline for youtube videos?

  7. Charlotte, NC – 2008 I think it was the Generation Pool and Billiard Expo… it was great, so many great players there.

  8. nice shot mike

  9. Billiard Expo 2008, located in Valley Forge convention center, PA

  10. what convention was this at

  11. nice shot, i might try to do tht

  12. sweet nice shot

  13. Lol… I love the sound 🙂

  14. I love the sound of a bunch of balls dropping in the pockets at the same time!!! It means that you made the shot! 😛

  15. wholy shit

  16. how do you set that up?

  17. crazy, man

  18. sounds soo great

  19. That is amazing

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