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Pool Lessons Breaking the Balls by Charlie Bryant

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Pool Lessons by Charlie Bryant while at the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA in March of 2008. See more at

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  1. Nice show Charlie!

  2. the unfortunate thing is when you play against this guy and he breaks …LMAO …you know it!! How ya doing Hllbilly!!

    thx tybo but who are you and what do you know?? he has the knowledge.. Ive been there and know it

  3. i think i need to write a book ive been playing 31 years myself and have done well

  4. ang lakas tira mo charlie. galing ka !

  5. hi again charlie good to see your still out there helping all of us god bless you and thanks again..

  6. ‘sir, you got a sledgehammer break!’

  7. love making people jump with breaks.

  8. When were those gonna come out?

  9. Charlies cool..I always chill with him at tourneys..funny guy

  10. Keep ’em comin’ Charlie – still waiting for those books – can’t wait.

  11. I’ve met this guy! I’m glad to see that he’s coming out with some DVD’s because he’s the best instructor I’ve ever seen.


  12. Well I’m not buyin’ those dvd’s.

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