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Ronnie Wiseman Speaks About Johnny Archer at Generationpool

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Ronnie Wiseman Speaks About Johnny Archer controversy at Generationpool with Vanessa de la Cuetara. See more at

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  1. Who cares bout that dude Ronnie, the girl interviewing him is hot.

  2. cool it “ugotaction”
    wiseman’s get pissed very easily
    right ronnie : )

  3. I just saw this match. I totally agree with Wiseman. That was a cheap shot from Archer.

  4. I saw that match – that was certainly no attempt to shark the guy

  5. Quit your freaking WHINING Ronnie…. He’s supposed to be a champion . Are you telling me that as long as he’s been playing at that level, he would still let a move like that (whether it was intentional)that affect him? what a choad! I’ts not like Johnny was doing jumping jacks in his line of site LOL

  6. Hey Ronnie, You should be used to the sharking!!! I sharked ya.. (NOT) That’s right, That’s right, (rock on)!! Lol Many hugs from Detroit!!!

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