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Shane Van Boening wins Derby City Classic 9-Ball

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Shane Van Boening wins Derby City Classic 9-Ball in 2009. See more at

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  1. He was born about 92% deaf, so its remarkable he talks as well as he does.

  2. He’s either HOH (hard of hearing) or deaf. Being HOH myself, I can tell you that for us it’s very difficult to enunciate properly as we cannot hear ourselves the way others do. Therefore, we never get that auditory feedback to know if we’re pronouncing things correctly and thus tend to slur our words, talk too low, too loud, too fast, etc.

  3. yes that was 100 percent serious i was just curious

  4. I will count that as a serious question. To be sarcastic is to be an as#hole. He has an auditory impairment. However, you really can’t count it as a handicap as he is a world beater. Shane is a credit to our sport.

  5. whats wrong with his voice?

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