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Tap League Interviews at the Rally in the Valley

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Tap League Interviews at the Rally in the Valley at the Super Billiards Expo. See more at

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  1. Hastyle, I heard you’re a pretty decent pool player yourself!!! Hopefully I’ll see you at the next SB Expo.

  2. I heard Anthony was playing Janette Lee for over 10 hrs one night. WOW.

  3. HOLY CRAP. I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO WITH THESE TWO GUYS!!! But I conked out at the very very last minute. Anthony and Stefanos are DEFINITELY great guys to know!!! Anthony is actually the owner of First Break Billiards and Stefanos is the former owner of FB Billiards. OUTSTANDING players and GREAT personalities!!!! Along with Brandon Shuff, First Break was representing pretty well for Sterling VA ;-D DAMN, IM STILL KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT GOING ;-p

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