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Second Grand Prix Artistic billiards by Martin van Rhee

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Artistic Billiards

A compilation of the second Grand Prix Biljart Artistiek played by Martin van Rhee from Holland. Enjoy the video,more vids will follow, just stay tuned. Pocketless billiards is great!

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  1. i hate this faking saying ya..or yaah when he complets the play -_- fak stupydy yahh

  2. martin has got a different style but it s like some figures are not ready yet.but a very good player that i would like to meet and make all 10 sets with him as a practice.good work congrulations.see you

  3. its not that they cant do what wayginer does… its that this is a tournament and theyre following patterns .. if they do exibition then they can shoot what semih does

  4. i love the first images when you can see all the numbers and lines marked on the tablecloth, they bring me back a lot of memories! Great collection of carom billiards videos!

  5. spettacolo

  6. Semih uses silicone spray for cleaning the balls, when these players use that stuff(not allowed) they are as good or even better than Sayginer.

  7. Yes. He has a talent. I suggest u all watch semih saginer with deeper angles and sharper curves

  8. the hardest shot was the one he did at 5 min 5 sec

  9. incredible white ball control…i love it

  10. niceee… 😉

  11. good work martin..

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