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Billiards Stroke Basics : Billiards Stroke Stance

By • Nov 6th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Pool Snooker Tips, Billiard Tips

Stance for a good stroke in billiards is balanced and comfortable. Learn more about a good billiards stance with tips from a pool expert in this free billiards video.

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  1. 2. you just need to know what to look 4 and not to look 4. my teachings are not like any, im going to bust a ton of teaching myths. i wasted many years trying to get to my goal, by reading every book, and instructional video.they teach the game backwards!why does efren reyes,the greatest position player and player of all time,break the top no no’s in that the so called bca instructors teach? efrens stroke is wobbly and different every time, as is his stance= you think from your head=body follows

  2. you don’t start your so called stance from the feet up, you start by thinking to your nect shot, and your body follows automatically. same thing with so called stroke. your body will automatically be balanced, your stroke will automatically be fluid. they teach this game backwards, and im going to prove it in my upcoming dvd’s when i decide to show my face to the pool world. until then i’ll hide and be on the road, until the tour gets straightened out. pool is very simple, and common sence!

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