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A Drill That Will Expose Flaws In Technique

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

A good drill that improve every aspect of your technique.

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  1. Thats a hell of an idea with the books. I never thought of that. Instant feedback.

  2. I use this drill except that I do it with extreme follow. The cue ball must follow the object ball into the pocket. With medium to full stroke it really exposes flaws and for me it’s very tough.

  3. saw one ebay for 35 pounds

  4. oo, that pocket reducer looks cool!! Where could i get one of those?

  5. what about you do some tricks on eight ball game i know few but it looks like you know what you talking about i mean tricks like hit corner backwards and where you from pal im from mexico and i have videos to share with you about contests there was mede here so answer later dude

  6. and have smaller pockets

  7. a snooker table. they are 12 feet long.

  8. a what table?

  9. just a slight variation on this exercise would be to place the two balls in a line from corner to corner.

    pot the object ball, drawing the cue ball in a straight line to scratch in the opposite corner.

    and do the same with follow shots. potting and scratching in the same pocket. increase the distance as you get more proficient. a really good way to check the straightness of your cueing and the smoothness of your stroke.

  10. How about placing some books on the table, ball width separated en try to shoot between the books. I’ve tried it, I was shocked to see how much my aiming was off. I’m now trying to learn a new stance and finding out how to make it a standard.

  11. lol, I just noticed half way through the video you closed your bridge, maybe you read my comment half way through it and closed it 🙂

  12. close your bridge when your using extreme draw “(draw the ball back as far as you can)” you’ll have a more secure stroke letting you focus more on hitting low and hard

  13. Yes check the channel.

  14. any instructional vids on cheating the pockets in order to play shape?

  15. pocket reducer? intresting never seen one before

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