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Efren Reyes-Best Shots

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

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  1. @ 1:36 – was wondering about that one, too. Very nice shot, though!

  2. when I watch this i am thinking…
    should I really have a pool table at
    home or rather ????ping-pong?
    Efren is amazin!

  3. You gotta love this guy!

  4. there is…it is the cumulation of the things that will happen…If all of these factors agree with him then it is what you called luck..

  5. theres no such thing as luck…its called years and years and years of playing…

  6. @joshuaagar i guess…

  7. @KKisforever apparently from what ive been told it was put in there to show how he recovered from that lucky fluke that was made against him lol i still say its pointless ive seen the jimmy vs efren video…

  8. im telling the difference between pure luck and luck+skill

  9. yeah! why is there a JIMMY WHITE SHOT?

  10. @red88alert i only showed how efren recovered from that shot

  11. what is that faggotass snooker player and his fluke doin in theee magicians video!!!

  12. it was a fluke well judged tho!!!

  13. the jimmy white shot was good tho !

  14. because someone will put comments screwing the music

  15. why is there a jimmy white shot???

  16. thx for posting THE BEST OF MAGICIAN !!!!! kudos

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