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How to Play Pool : The 8 Ball Break in Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

By • Nov 5th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Pool Snooker Tips, Billiard Tips

Learn how to break in the game of 8 ball and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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  1. yo master…
    action is more important then talk…

  2. We don’t need a demo shot. He has explained well. Those that need a demo has not been listening properly.

  3. Oh please… too much. Please view my vid’s. What about how to set the rack first and correct to get the best break.

  4. Just talking, wheres the demoshot?

  5. boring…..

  6. Wow! four stars for this? He didn’t even demonstrate the shot

  7. wow, put the cue ball in the center of the table, and hit the middle ball. That’s all I got from this video. Oh, and don’t scratch on the break.

    no shit, this is the most basic crap ever

  8. well hes definatly got the theory down lol

  9. because its trying to draw you to the video, even though it sucks=)

  10. meh, the only ones i actually think are good are the parkour/free running ones.. they look sick.. but… other than that it sucks baaaad

  11. he can’t even do it probably

  12. was waiting for that…

  13. ummm… couldn’t u give a demo shot??

  14. hm…he scratches and breaks his balls….great vid xD

  15. UGH his voice is making me fall asleep.

  16. I agree, the basic message of this video is put the ball in the middle and hit the first ball straight on. Brilliant pool insight.

  17. Yeah you’re really impressive arent you

  18. expert village sucks. I’ve never learned a thing from their videos.

  19. why is the title for this video so extremely long?

  20. and you spell loser very well. thanks for the tip.

  21. i find the best way to break is to hold the que at a bit of a higher angle i seem to get more power out of it but it sometimes can bounce off the table another way is to move the ball to the back of the D and hold onto the bak coushin pull your weight back and slam it forward but everyones different…oh and this guy is nob lol

  22. to all begineres,

    do not listen to that idiot, there is nothing he can teach you.. try with basic shots, there is alot of information on the internet..just do not try to copy this guy, he is a looser..

  23. yes 8 ball and snooker have different sets of rules and different tactics but when it comes to technique on how t play tose differences are negligable.

    btw when in my previous comment did i say that snooker is better than pool? it is a matter of preference as to what game u play but that doesnt chnge the fact that english pool + snooker take more skill tha american pool for the reasons i said before.

    I am open minded i have simply compared the facts and drawn a logical conclusion.

  24. Regular 8 ball and Snooker are two completely different games. It’s like comparing F1 to Nascar, neither one is better its just a matter of preference.

    Nice to see you Europeans are so open minded.

  25. lol I put AMERICAN POOL in capitals cos I meant the game not AMERICAN pool players themselves. And I was saying that most people who first play pool in USA play American pool which requires less skill than games like snooker or even English pool (as the pockets arent buckets). Cos they learn on these tables, they develop poor technique, like this guy.

    PS who could win in pool between us has nothing to do with what I pointed out, so stick to the discussion u MUPPET!

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