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How to Play Pool : Tips on Executing a Pool Shot: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

By • Nov 5th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Pool Snooker Tips, Billiard Tips

Learn how to execute a pool shot and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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  1. u know it lol

  2. yea, but the cueball still went into the corner pocket….

  3. I know I wont be taking tht into account, I’d only take lessons frm the pro’s.

  4. Hahaha yea lol

  5. Man, you guys that think you know it all are assholes. I find this guy very informative, and I’m glad that he has taken time to post this vids.

  6. The tip DIPS after contacting the cueball.
    IF it goes straight, that’d mean you dropped your elbow or released the cue.

  7. Did he do the speech for Mr Mackey?

  8. hahahah what a clown

  9. cueball ended up in corner pocket… nice shot…

  10. and yet you are here criticising someone that’s trying to help out others…arse

  11. englisin mo pare kano yan

  12. i can beat this clown from the way he stroke the ball the way he does his bridge and with eye glasses on i fuckin tell he can’t play pool. call yourself expertvillage come to the philippines if you wanna see the real pool masters.

  13. Richard, have you been drinking by yourself again?

  14. sanay kb??

  15. damn….
    you speak a lot…
    but I’m pretty sure that this shot is your limit….
    i hate when such players are trying to teach someone….

    learn to play yourself…

  16. yea he scratched…he cant shoot fuckin pool..just read a book or two

  17. you say dont stand up and walk away, but you didnt let the cue ball stop rolling before you cut the clip. im pretty sure you scratched that pal.

  18. this made me, what you would say, wanna barf.

    blah blah blah

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