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By • Mar 6th, 2009 • Category: Billiard Pro Interviews, Snooker Tips


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  1. shows how much the game owes to charismatic players like Higgins.

  2. very interestin’

  3. chrisgatland33’s comment nearly made me shit my self

  4. damn right

  5. ginger cunt

  6. What a genius.

    Although I could only really watch about a minute before I considered smashing my own face in.

  7. He typed it actually.

  8. where am i spose to get 10 white balls haha

  9. Great.

    But I think snooker depends on you and the way you play, it’s not that kind of games which need coaching.

    An opinion

  10. ty for uploading. cheers

  11. bjorn borg was in the 70s u tit learn ur facts

  12. pool is for girls, snooker is where it is at. i learned this game first before pool and now it seems like nothing to me.

  13. he’s very interestin’

  14. steve davis he was the coolest player in the 80’s the bjorn borg of pool

  15. My god what an exciting man you are mr davis

  16. if u want a snooker coach the best i have seen is stephen rowlings complete snooker cd/dvd go on his web site

  17. 12 i guess

  18. is that a 10ft table?!?

  19. I was thinking his cue was tiny. The table looks smaller too

  20. Is it me or is Davis’s cue very small?

  21. The nugget rules!

  22. very useful thanks!

  23. Thanks a lot, this is very useful for me

  24. Top player!!!!!!!

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