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Snooker – Paul Hunter Grandstand tribute

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Pro Interviews, Snooker Tips

A second BBC tribute to the sadly departed Paul Hunter. This one looks briefly at his life and career, including interviews with Paul and words from those around him.

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  1. died 27 years old soo young

  2. can’t tell you why — buddhist answer?
    his ‘dharma path’……

    sometimes a rose in the garden gets trampled or dies out over the winter and is gone – no fault of the rose.

    the ‘conditions of manifestation’ were not correct for his
    continuation…. we will be reborn

  3. why do all the wankers out there who do drugs and are alcoholics deserve to live? when theres that man there whos such a nice bloke just gets his life taken away from him, can anyone tell me why?
    Paul Hunter R.I.P Top Bloke.

  4. I would like to apologise to all for my bad comment about Paul Hunter. I’m sorry!

  5. R.I.P. Mr.Hunter

    paul will remain a legend

  6. HERO of snooker ….. leonardo de caprio of snooker ..miss u

  7. Frightening that a healthy young man can be taken so quickly. What his girlfriend said in the newspapers was heartbreaking and made me very upset and I didn’t even know the guy.

  8. Thanks Robert602, I didn’t know about. thx he’s good…

  9. i’ve had many heroes in my life,sporting or otherwise:piggott,ali,phil silvers,nigel mansell to name a few.these are people who have gave me so much enjoyment merely by watching them doing their stuff. paul was was in a totally different class. warm.genuine,totally gifted and talented and down to earth. i only had to see and hear him to know that this was an exceptional guy.i would have loved him as my friend.for the brightest star that shines in the sky..PAUL HUNTER.GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER MATE.


  11. He came 50 maybe even 100 years to soon, but I know he will return when the world of snooker will be a real challenge for him. Respect 4ever Golden Boy, you’ll allways be with us.
    Alex- from Romania.

  12. too many times the word legend gets used now, but here was a true legend. i was lucky enough to meet paul on 2 occasions and he had a class about him on and off the table. here is one of lifes true fighters and he will forever be missed in snooker and by people he influanced. i am one of the people who as a player was influanced by him and i thank him for that. a true legend!

  13. realy sad 🙁 27 soo sad 🙁

  14. R.I.P PAUL

  15. I love this video, this film. Paul was the best, but live is unfair. He never dead in our hearths. Fan for poland …

  16. R.I.P Paul

  17. the snooker will miss him

    PAUl Hunter was A CHARISMATIC PLAYER,he HAVE a beutifull smile


  18. come on paul hunter she said it quite fast

  19. what does the girl from 5:50 say? ;))

  20. legend on and off the table

  21. Awesome guy, cant forget the time when he was playing.

  22. paul hunter died on octomber 9 of 2006


  24. an amazing player i miss him

  25. dap 🙁 respect hunter you will stay in my heart .

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