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Billiards Trick Shot Montage – By Ppooler

By • Feb 20th, 2010 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

Here is a quick montage of trick shot artist ppooler – probably got lots of his stuff from trick shot Tim.

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  2. lol, those are possible moves, it’s the angle you hit it at

  3. Respect for you^^You’re cooooool:]

  4. well, I do have a slight hunch that this was faked by video editing, but did you mess around with the level of your table to control the tilt to affect some of these shots? I know it is possible to get some crazy spins on the cue ball when playing, too, so I know it’s not completely infeasible. and yes, I have seen the trick shot competitions on tv, as well.

  5. i hate this fucking american songs on videos

  6. deaam u right,,, fuckin Faker:@

  7. the computer is playing Billiard not that pepole

  8. umm how can you hack pool, seriosly why do you guys think its fake, ever see a trick shot comp on tv?

  9. haha yeah it did?

  10. THAT IS SO

  11. the 1 at 2:35 is so fake lo0ok at the redd ball disappear. it doesnt even drop.

  12. your all hella stupid you cant fricken hack in pool

  13. dude “unpossible” isa ralph wiggum quote!

  14. Hackers!!!!!!

  15. my guess is that its some magnets or something..
    ScarletEmipre just so you know unpossible is a word, do beleve that some people got super pwoers?

  16. just so you know, “unpossible” is not a word

  17. Real or not- still impressive- I buy it- I’ve seen a lot of these trick shots in person and you’d be amazed at what can be done with the right spin on the ball.

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