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Tim Chin’s Pool Trick Shots

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Billiard Trick Shots

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A sampling of cool artistic pool and billiards trick shots. More on my website, and tutorials if you want to learn how to shoot tricks and look like the best.

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  3. u are so good

  4. yo can u telll me were u got that pool table because i am goin to get one and i want to know were u get one plz e mail me

  5. damn that was sick bro. good job

  6. are you kidding me is that real

  7. The song was a youtube option after they stripped my original soundtrack (Another One Bites The Dust by Queen). Not sure where to get it, but thanks for the comments!

  8. I have over 100 shots on my website. Just haven’t put them together yet, but check them out there if you want more!

  9. How can i get the instrumental i really like it good to listen to while playing pool.

  10. Dammmmn Tim those shots were incredible your new nickname should be Tim “The Dope Dragon” because all those shots along with the music are one word “DOPE” keep it up man.

  11. Yo Tim!! If you got some spare time… could you please make another video? The shot you make at 0:53 is one of the craziest and most beautifull executed trickshot ive seen on youtube. And Ive seen alot of trickshot vids. Well you get the point, I guess 😛

  12. dude, they are good shots but you got to get a life :p

  13. 0:50 & 0:58 is sick lol!!!

  14. 2:09 & 3:20 – awesome shots

  15. 2:06- 2:11 Balls: You’re surrounded!! *Scratch ball jumps over.* Balls: Uh…maybe not…

  16. at 2 minutes, i did that shot.. against my bro to win the game..

  17. damn ur good

  18. You’re not a pro, you’re a master!

  19. cool,we didnt need a replay on the fisrt one though

  20. song is hot as shit

  21. In the movie, the cue ball is frozen to the rail and to the object ball (the 8 ball, in that case). It’s a nice shot, but much easier than the one in my video where the cue ball has to double kiss the object ball to get back across the table.

  22. the shot at 3:01 is very similarly seen in the movie pool hall junkies.. except he uses the side pocket. brilliant video.

  23. The first one’s definitely easier, probably 15 to 20%. The second one’s a little harder, I’d give myself 1 in 10 though.

  24. absolutely disgusting…what is the success rate of the two consecutive shots between 0:54 and 1:04?

  25. Thanks! It’s a tough shot, but I made it on my 3rd attempt for the video. It’s probably 10-15% overall though. I never actually saw it done, but I saw a diagram of it before. It certainly wasn’t an accident.

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