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2008 Comet Billiards Classic

By • Nov 18th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

The 2008 Comet Billiards Classic featured many great moments, including a sudden death championchip round between Nick Nikolidis (Canada) and Andy Segal (USA)

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  1. at 1:41 Thats my all time favorite trick,
    Can some1 explain it to me, I can almost get it but not quite,
    Maybe i’m doing the wrong thing.

  2. 00:54 was the sickest jump shot i’ve ever seen!

  3. 30 on the confirmed player list… gotta’ get your intent in soon!!! Can’t wait to see you in CT!!

  4. Thanks for the congrats and glad you like the video. I hope to compete in Worlds. I am working sooo hard on trying to find a sponser. if i find one im in if not im probly not gonna be there. I will be at the artistic cup tho.

  5. Steve – This is sooo great!! I can’t wait to send the link to all of the APTSA Players!!! Congrats on the Sportsmanship Award! Are you going to be at the 2008 Worlds in Dec.? I hope you can go, you can compete with these guys… oh.. and girl… lol. Good luck on your show coming up, can’t wait to get down there and see one, one of these days!!

  6. Wow is was amazing competing against them. They are both so good! They also taught me so much. It was a great atmosphere!

  7. congratulations!!the editing is very good to!
    How does u feel competiting against Andy or Nick???!!

  8. Im going to put this on my myspace if you don’t mind….lol.

  9. really??? nice? that would be awesome. do you have to be a certain age to enter these things. i plan to enter a lot back in Australia!!! that will be fun!

  10. Yes I was in this event, I was given sooo much advice from the pros it was awesome. I also gave advice on a shot to Tim Chin and Andy Segal, They both made them shots in the playooffs :). It was an amazing time and a great atmosthere to be in

  11. wow… you entered a pro competition? do you have to be a certain age for these things??? nice coming 9th. did you happen to get any advice from any of the pro’s??? that would be awesome. that must have been really fun to do, and i hope to see more of you in the future

  12. Well done my friend you did FANTASTIC comming 9th , You really dont know how lucky you are to be competing to the likes of Andy Segal and Tim chin etc , The video has been very well edited keep up the fantastic work , you came 9th but how many did enter ???

  13. Nice Steve!
    Are you turning professional?
    I’ll be waiting on the waiting list for next years event soon.

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