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Billiards U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship: Bustamante v Chamat

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

Sweden’s Marcus Chamat has his hands full with the dynamic Francisco Bustamante, who always competes at a high level.

What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments…

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  1. sorry, it’s Danny Diliberto, confused both names..

  2. Billy Incardona always makes these monumental statements like : “It’s always nice to win the first rack”. Do the people watching this video need to be told about that obvious fact??
    I don’t think so…

  3. Marcus Chamat has just become European 8Ball Champion 2008 by playing incredible pool. Hope to see him at this years Mosconi cup

  4. I think the combany of a table isn’t important, important is that it is a 9 foot table. but thats my opinion.

  5. r u freakin kidding diamond tables r state of the art. Best table ever.

  6. Diamond Tables suck!!! They play good for a little bit but after a couple of months they start to sag in the middle of the table. They should play with Brunswick’s at the Open.

  7. bustamante is godlike , he’s not playing pool…that’s pure art. Respect to all pool players.

  8. i love the style bustamante plays.

  9. the commentary is awful, they could at least tell us somyhing interesting

  10. I love the music during the Buddy Hall segments…

  11. Chamat is being Smashed without any problems there was not really a turning Point… Bustamante is just murderer in this game altho Chamat left some chances unanswered like with the 1 ball near the corner pocket my respect goes to Bustamante for being such a good player

  12. seriously these announcer must make like no money cuz they are really out of it

  13. My favourite line:”A snooker is not as good if the person can shoot right at the ball” XD Not a snooker then! XD

  14. francisco dyango bustamante.

  15. love the way danny di liberto dishes out commentary.he sure adds ambiant color.

  16. por favor coloquen de francisco bustamante enfrentandose a ronato alcano o coloquen de el ( francisco bustamante) en el derbi city classic

  17. bustamante is my favourite player and the best in the world!!!!!!!!

  18. boy…. francisco is playing good and marcus has bad luck

  19. Bclub can you post one of those derby one pocket pls. thanx more power.

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