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An Introduction To Snooker

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Tips

This video is my second attempt ever at playing snooker. A game I think American would love.

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  1. Its in a guys house.

  2. BTW, what pool hall is this? I’m always fascinated whenever I can locate snooker tables in the States – in Northern California, very few places have it, and I only know of one so far (California Billiard Club in Mountain View) with the correct cloth, though there may be one or two other places out here.

  3. As an American extremely devoted to the sport of snooker – and wishing it was much bigger here – this clip is awesome. Thanks!

  4. All the different spins are amplified with a snooker cue. But it also increases the likelihood of unintentional english, so your technique needs to be better or else you’ll get spin when you don’t want it.

  5. Thanks!!!


  6. Thank you for your answer. I have one more question. A friend of my said that you can draw the cueball better with a snooker queue. Is it right?

  7. Yes the guy I play snooker with plays 8 ball with his snooker cue and does quite well. The biggest reason to stay with your snooker cue is because that is what you are accustomed to. However, you will have to break with a house cue.

  8. Can I play pool with a snooker Queue? What are the advantages or disadvantages?

  9. mid 20’s only played 20 frames.

  10. Just outa interest, whats your highest ever break now dude?

  11. The order of colours is Yellow, Green, then Brown, rather than Yellow, Brown then Green. Just so you know.

  12. i dont know all the rules, i just play at uni when i’m bored. but it goes.
    you need to pot 1 red, then the one of the other colours and so on until all the reds are gone. then have to pot yellow,brown,green,blue,pink,black in that order.
    you need to get the highest score which is why its better to go for a red then the black then a red then a black and so on. its a good game. more tackticle than pool is, you cant let the white leave the table

  13. i dont get it. why didnt u pocket the colored balls when u were so close to them. is there anyway you could list the entire rules for me. thanks. your vids are awesome.

  14. I figured I’d add my own commentary to the clip in a sort of a semi-professional, “what were you thinking” kinda track. Hope that helps for all you budding snooker players out there.

  15. This ended up being slightly hampered by the pink but I pull out a excellent recovery shot to get back in position. The pink goes in with another stun screw to drift over and give me a little distance to the red. Once again I’m on the wrong side of the red so I play top spin to get close to straight (but still on the wrong side) of the pink. I miss the final pink because I was concentrating on getting perfect shape on the bottom of the two reds by the black ball.

  16. I actually play for the black here but am about half an inch off, so I take the straight pink into the left centre. I play a stun screw for the middle red into the left corner pocket. Followed by a soft screw to get back on the pink. (The accuracy required to get on the black from this shot is beyond me) I end up slightly on the wrong side of a straight pink. So my only choice was another stun shot and try not to get too close to the next red.

  17. Forcefollow makes a great long red, but hadn’t thought of safety or position. (A safety shot would have been a better choice) He follows this up with a terrific blue to the green pocket. You can only make so many hard shots in a row so in the end he misses and leaves me an easy red into the right centre.

  18. This starts of with Forcefollow under hitting a safety shot leaving me an easy red into the left centre.
    I play the cueball into the rail to get a better position on the brown. I leave myself almost straight on the brown so a play a deep screw shot with a touch of right to get on the red just above the black. It didn’t quite make the position so I bail out and play an attacking safety by spreading the reds out and leaving the cue ball back in the baulk.

  19. No it didn’t. Wish he would have cut off the last second of the clip, so you might have thought the pink went in and I went on to make a big break.

  20. Just a pointer…don’t play too much snooker if you want to continue playing pool well.

    The two games don’t appear THAT different..but once you get used to playing one…it is realy difficult to get back into the other.

    I play almost every type of billiard/cue sport regularly and if i play too much of one without the others, i struggle when i go back to them.

    Just a friendly piece of advice from my own personal experience!!

  21. haha nice vid, im english and snooker is a very good game to play. Alot more challenging than pool.

    Can i just ask, right at the end of this video your friend attempted to pocket the pink but missed, and as a result the pink kissed onto the brown ball and sent the brown ball towards the pocket, did the brown ball go into the pocket?

  22. My highest break is only 26. I have only played 3 times. My highest score is 66.

  23. Masters starts at the weekend, going to be great ! What’s your highest break by the way? If you don’t mind me asking 🙂

  24. Second view!

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