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200 billiards break by Lindrum

By • Dec 13th, 2009 • Category: Uncategorized

This is a 200 break Walter Lindrum made in an exhibition in 1957 at Caulfield RSL Club Melbourne Australia.

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  1. Statistics that tell of his greatness? He made 711 competitive break of 1000, 29 over 2000, 17 over 3000 and holds the record for his break of 4,137. He once made a century break in 29 seconds and his fastest 1000 was made in 26 minutes. He made breaks of 3,737 and 3,752 in consecutive visits in 1944. Total genius.

  2. The greatest ever. To teflonde, the last 40 points of the break are made with nursery cannons, but it is a beautiful demonstration of the all round billiards game, which Lindrum played with perfect correctness and with just frightening skill. He makes everything look easy. This bloke is not only better than O’Sullivan or Hendry, he is (by analogy) better than Tiger Woods or just about any other sportsman or woman you care to name.

  3. To me, the finest ‘cueist’ there has ever been!

    Any chance of seeing his wonderful trick shots (which I know were recorded on film) and especially his ‘nursery cannons’ etc.

    Anyway, thanks for this great post (I learned a lot!)


  4. great clip please post more

  5. what a legend

  6. Simply the Greatist man 2 ever pick a cue up & thats cumin from a massive hendry/osullivan fan. Frightnin 2 think he woz really right handid…

  7. Wonderful – I can believe all the statistics now!
    Got any more?

  8. Thanks for posting this, Walter Lindrum is my hero and I admire him and I’m only 33yrs old!! Lindrum is the best player to ever hold a cue and any other Billiard videos’s anyone might have please post them.
    My highest break to date is 202.

  9. Superb!! I think I’ve watched this 10 times off the belt and am not finished yet! My highest is 53 🙁

  10. Google ‘English Billiards’

  11. explain the rules

  12. So glad you posted this video of the great man. Although I’ve seen it many tmes before, one cant help but admire his genius, every time!

    What about the in-off into the blind centre pocket, which he performs in this exhibition?

  13. ok, i just read a post about the video and how he is playing english billiards, which is kinda why i didnt understand alot of it lol

  14. It’s a 12′ x 6′ that’s the biggest that is made !

  15. damn that table is big! is it a 5×10?

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