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Amazing Pool Table Tricks

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

A video of Amazing Pool Table Tricks


-Update- OK! a good amount of people have messaged me about whats the name of the song lol, so i was able to find out the name of it… its called


Full assistance to those who bear it all
Unable to fall, waiting patiently
Backs against the wall
Not allowing the weak to dictate, when it’s our turn to recover

If your experiences don’t compare, just turn the tables
And stop acting like you really care, if you’re not stable

Full resistance to those who care at all
Dictating the call, it’s consuming us
Backs against the wall
Convincing the meek to dictate all their actions on command
and eviction to those who swear it all
Fit to befall the false memory
Facts begin to stall
Permitting the bleak existance, this is our time to discover

[chorus x2]

There will come a time for us to change things
And I will never strike at you again
I will try to learn to make amends
You will never lesson who I am
Don’t be sheltered show me where you’ve been
Show me where you’ve been

ok so i downloaded it myself and to make it easier for u girls/guys i uploaded it =)

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  1. wow thats amazing can you post a video on how to make the ball curve like that pls

  2. how does he do the curves on the balls

  3. can anyone help me how do you set up 9 ball in pool in real life to u have to buy a special triangle for it or what plz reply thanks

  4. wow yo no soy nada comparao con el, shit man

  5. i like the mase shots….but the last shot is not so…..even i could do it….it could have got a better end….enyway a nice video i like it…

  6. can anyone tell me how to make my pool table run better the balls dont roll as long as this wot will help

  7. incredible !!!

  8. at 0:55 the ball curvs. thats insane

  9. that is the best i have seen

  10. this is WOOOOOOOO

  11. a…………….tire…… nice vid bro

  12. He must have quite a few scuffs on his table lol

  13. thats amazing

  14. pretty amazing i wish i could put that much spin and curve on my shots!!!

    Nicely done!!!!

  15. how the hell do you put so much spin on it

  16. excelent tricks

  17. ???? ????

  18. that was sick dude

  19. LMAO… a tire wheel!

  20. that was good.

  21. tht is fixed

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