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amazing snooker pool table no arms player

By • Dec 13th, 2009 • Category: Uncategorized

here I am trying to make a big break, but due to a kick i broke down at 30! you can hear the kick on the last red so it’s no excuse! honest!

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  1. damn, that was awesome

  2. why would you bother with snooker? when there’s a bloody dart board behing you, it would take a lot more skill

  3. btw: whats your highest break on this table?

    lol…and i see a darts-board in the backgroung, do you play darts with your feets? lmao…i cant imagine that scenario!

  4. why not stick to another sport?

  5. great cue ball control! excellent!!!!

  6. Ok that was cool =D

  7. il be more impressed if this dude posts a vid of him plain darts tht would make me happy lol

  8. how the fuck does he type?!

  9. Wtf.. How the fuck do you type. Your an amazing person

  10. All da best btw, in what you do!

  11. I wonder how he plays with the dart board?!

  12. mate you’re an inspiration to the world! In a way, I find it more amazing that you can pick and spot the balls too! Awesome stuff.

  13. wow… Amazing… It must have been very hard to learn to play with your foot while holding the cue in your neck.

  14. Just noticed the dart board in the backgrond..ha

  15. this is better than just the ordinary ball run.. awsome

  16. hands are so last year (bianco footwear)


  17. Aww Man.
    You are awsome!
    Keep it up.
    I wish you best of luck! [:

  18. well apperantly so…

  19. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so funny but so untrue, good work amazing feet “LMFAO I JUST REALIZED YOUR NAME”

  20. unbelivelbel !!!!
    great run !!!
    look my run 153 run , but this here is better !!!
    charly gaede

  21. its impossible to write with feet

  22. with feet of course

  23. if u have no hands how can u write

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