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Amazing snooker shot – 2008 Masters, Maguire vs. O’Sullivan

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

What a great snooker escape!

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  1. nice i watched that match one of the best ive ever watched o’sullivan all the way

  2. shame he got beat badly today b4 his family and supporters.

  3. i hope you realize you are an idiot

  4. Get stuffed, that was amazing. Quality.

  5. you try it.

  6. give u 100 chances ,Maybe u can do that if u have luck..

  7. if u watch the whole fram wasnt his first try …as u can see referi is placing the cue ball bcaz he had foul before this shot and it was in the pocket … also if u listen to commentator he is mentioned …the samething this is not that much good

  8. in 1 word – Fantastic

  9. Fucking Brilliant shot.

  10. deffinitely not. It’s a game for inteligent people and not FUCKING DUMBASSES like you.


  12. He was almost snookered and to avoid the foul he had to hit green. He bounced it off the jaws at just the right angle to change direction for the green.


  13. whats so good about that…?

  14. what a super shot

  15. wow i would never have thought to use the jaws of the pocket like that

  16. omg great play..

  17. owned! you guy has def. NO life, so get a life!!!!! hahahah

  18. you fail. just stop retard

  19. ok, then get another life!!

  20. i have one thanks tho.. 😉

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