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Best pool site on the net

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized is recognised by the WPBA as the best online pool game on the planet. The slick graphics and game play makes all others look pathetic. I played on most sites until i seen this one. You can enter big cash tournaments against others as well.

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  1. it sucks plus u have to pay for it

  2. I tried 90% of these pool games, they’re all crap. Try the sim Virtual Pool 3, it has the best pool physics and the most realistic aim/stroke method up to date; you stroke manually by moving the mouse, there’s no lame power bar to choose the shot force like in all these arcade games. Try the website on my profile info, can get a demo for free.

  3. it is the best site for pool cause you when money

  4. yes, paying nothing is a rip off isnt it? u moron

  5. its not best on web its a rip off

  6. this game has very good game physics tho dude

  7. this is too easy. i guess i never miss a shot in that game. funkypool com better..

  8. Its just pay monthly for all the tournaments m8, at the moo there is $500 tournaments running

  9. Hi mate, is anyway to enter tournaments on a pay per entry basis (instead of monthly).

  10. I understand then.

  11. The practice is free. It costs money to enter the tournaments pal, obviously, thats why you have to pay. Plus this site has no other means of income, it is a dedicated pool site for pool enthusiasts looking for GOOD competition and to make money.

  12. I checked it lol and it is not free dude now I know what this classy website is all about lol!! gamedesire got the most advanced pool u can ever have for beginners and professional players it also has other games with the best graphics u can ever find on the internet! u shud mention tht they dont give any free pool game!

  13. lol u gave me an attitude as I can see! anyway thts ur opinion I will try this website and u try gamedesire if u feel like doin so:) see ya!

  14. i dont understand your attitude, all im doing is showing a good pool site, ive been around many pool sites and most are laughable like yahoo etc. I play pool in real life so i know what to look for in a game. It is actually me potting the balls in this video which i made to shows the graphics. I dont think you can pass much judgment by just watching the video on youtube

  15. lol what a pathetic answer, so actually only good and real players who can actually tell whats good and whats not? I can see tht this pool is good lol it is for dumboes like urself who need an aimin line u idiot:)I bet ur a pogo/yahoo pool fun whatever duckie!

  16. I play real pool m8. This site is sponsored by the WPBA. The thing about it is its only good pool players who can tell the difference. Your just an average joe who bashes the balls about

  17. lmao dude u got no idea whats the best pool website is check gamedesire(dot)com and u ll have a clear idea tht ur trippin lol

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