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Billiards Derby City Classic Efren Reyes

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Derby City Classic with Efren Reyes by Inside POOL Magazine video at

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  1. efren really makes me laugh,,such a great person

  2. mgaling pa efren mag english ke pacman LOL

  3. Darn thing, ano pa naman ang gusto nyo sa inglis , ni idol, kayo talaga! dami kong kaibigan sa dito sa USA puro collage grad. bulol pa sa inglis , I would say he’s good. perfect to me. lol. he speaks from the heart.
    confident, like a real hero.

  4. oh my god this guy is so humble and laid back
    and still kick everybodys butt on the pool
    table what a man,.

  5. he exactly like my father when he coughed.(not really sure how to spell the “cof”

  6. I saw Efren play a couple times. He simply incredible.

  7. notice his left hand, he has his hand position
    ready to play pool hes doing the close bridge.
    hes gotten alot older but i still admire him
    humble person. even the guy the god of pool
    cant argue with that.its like watching michael
    jordan, tiger woods and albert einstein at the

  8. holly molly! that was nice. Atleast, americans respect not only the magician but the entire filipino pool players. This is something that reminds everybody that filipinos are pretty damn good.I mean pretty damn! hehehehehe. just kidding. Good luck to rest of the tournament. Go get them! show them some real magic. lol

  9. He moves his hand to express what he is saying.

  10. i love efren reyes. big legend but why is he moving his hands so weird while talking. does he already have some coordination problems.

  11. hindi nakatapos ng highschool si Efren pero at least nakaka relate sya sa interview not perpect but it came from the heart. i like his humility and honesty. that’s what make a man great i think. hindi kailangan mahusay tayo sa ingles para maging great.

  12. I liked how Aaron questioned Efren on the humidity on tables in 4:10 and Efren acutally explaining how it helps. Very imformative.

  13. I think Efren forgot to talk about his son as a new player from Philippines…..

  14. i think efren done the interview very well infact because= i really never hear him actually open up like he did here, talking straight up, why he wins the big ones. He is usually very humble. As for his speech, i think he done well, that him basically being tagalog most of his life. The interviewer had timing problems if anyone did lol

  15. Idol talaga! he might not do interviews very well but he plays the best pool out there!

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