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  1. Nice old man

  2. dudeO_o let me see u do what he does on 4.59, thats just skills!

  3. mulls 21 sucks cock and i bet he doesnt even know how to play pool u american fag queen….

  4. its just and editted video

  5. bangeeessss

  6. mulls21 must be an ugly drag queen, with an horrible job. jealouse?

  7. shut up. who cares

  8. Wow no wonder all this guy can do is easy trick shots he has a horrible stroke. Asians get entertained to easily, you think the us have tv shows with this shit on there pls. These trick shots are easy to make all you need is the correct ball placement and be able to hit the cue ball straight on and then you make all the balls on the table lame zzzzzz

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