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Blomdahl vs. Reyes (9-Ball Part 3 of 3)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Torbjörn Blomdahl def. Efren Reyes in 9-ball: 9 to 5. This is the second half of a two part challenge match from Japan where the two legendary world champions played each other in their respective disciplines. Blomdahl won at both billiards (3-cushion) and pool (9-ball)!

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  1. sorry to say but sayginar is not the best 3 c player. hes a good with 3 c trickshots. as for the game he would not stand a change against blomdahl.

  2. Agree. There are so many great pool players out there. Every city has some guys who when they get hot can hang with anyone. I beat guys way better than me some times, just like I’ll lose to some chump once in a while also. Efren is great, maybe the best, but its not like he’s head and shoulders above everyone else. There are a ton of guys right on his heels who can beat him on a given night.

  3. Reyes is great at pool, but NOT really world-class at 3c. Reyes played Sang some of the “small games” (not 3c) once in Chicago and I heard Reyes beat him, but anyone can win “small” games of balkline or 1-cushion – you would need to play hundreds of points (if not thousands) to find out who was really better. It [would have been] impossible for Reyes to keep up with Sang Lee in 3-cushion regardless of how much money was at stake or, I should say, especially if more was at stake.

  4. I’m reading all these comments and maybe 1 or 2 people know what they’re talking about so here goes…Reyes is the best pocket a piece player by far, Blomdahl is the best 3 cushion player hands down( someone said sayginer..wrong), Sayginer is the best 3 cushion TRICK SHOT artist, and 9 ball has had alot of great players over the years…my personal favorite is Nick Varner but there are so many good ones that it’s hard to label 1 as the best!!

  5. LOL….I couldn’t have said it any better myself!!

  6. They’re both fucking awesome, comparisons bore me, just watch ’em shoot. In 100 years they’ll both be remembered as legends of the game.

  7. Efren is a true legend, has also played 3-cushion, but moved to pool because there were no money at carom.
    The best 3-cushion player alive is Semih Sayginer, and blomdahl is just another swedish gay.

  8. torjorn is the best period. 3 cushion is a very hard art to master. look it up on youtube fellas.

  9. shot up guys! 1 thing only ok!!! how many tournaments that reyes won? And how much money that he get all the tournament than any other player?

  10. Archer was player of the decade because of the amount of titles he’s gathered; it’s also a subjective title. Last time I checked, Reyes ability to play so many types of billiards game well.. would seem to make Reyes more skilled than Archer……

  11. yeh thats why archer was player of a decade… that must not mean anything, I am not talking about game ethic, who is nicer, Archer is just more skilled then Reyes.

  12. this match is probably non title or no money game…that’s why Reyes will never show his best…Look closely at the kick shot, he didn’t even think well before he shoot, he’s look lazy. I remeber on an article, Reyes said: Filipinos are good at Billiard because of money involve in the game. He also added that he play Chess for money too. He said betting can add excitement to the game…..

  13. But of all the great players man, he decisively said that it was efren reyes! There are lots of good players to choose from but for him, efren was the stand out! i hope you get what i’m trying to point out here.

  14. earlagazo, yep ur correct dude! i remember there was a tournament held in the phils and after one of the elimination matches was finished.. the victor, who happens to be earl strickland was also asked who is his idol… and with no hesitations he said… EFREN REYES!

  15. Efren is still the greatest period. FATS, MOSCONI,SIGEL, and even Archer can’t and could’nt hang with him on a consistent basis. What he’s done for the game is more than Archer has ever done. When Archer loses he pouts like a baby. He tries to control things by mumbling to himself while his opponenet is at the table. When Efren loses he congratulates his opponent and is respectful of the game no matter what.

  16. I have talked to alot of old timers and those who saw Mosconi shoot say that if he were born into todays generation of pool players he would be todays dominant player. Far past the level of dominance that Sigel or Efren ever managed in the 80’s or 90’s.

  17. I doubt he could keep up with Yang in a race to 100 these days. There are actually quite a few players that would likely outrun him to 100 today.

  18. The color of money match with strickland and reyes was very close. 120-117. Most top players can beat all the others on certain nights. Reyes never gets rattled thats why he is the best. I have never seen him upset. I would take him in any match vs anyone going to 100 games.

  19. what about earl the pearl strickland? lol?

  20. Man.. Blohmdahl is pretty good at nine ball. Maybe not better than Reyes but still pretty decent. Why do I get the impression that some of you were expecting a whitewash in Reyes’ favor?

  21. All I have to say is its so nice just to watch a professional match without all that bullsh!t commentary!

  22. lol well of course he is gonna say someone else, saying himself would be cocky. Archer is the ideal player to watch in learn from because his form is flawless.

  23. Johnny Archer is undeniably great. But do you know that when Johnny was interviewed and was asked who he thinks is the greatest pool player ever and that he can consider as his idol, he said that it was Efren Reyes and he didn’t even pause for a second to think of his answer. Saying Efren is great would be an understatement. He is the greatest!!! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!!!

  24. Of course there is luck in 9ball even at higher level and Reyes should beat Blomdahl in 9ball in the long run.

  25. 9 ball is only about luck when you are not good at it. and every video I watch there are comments like Reyes is the best, no one is better than Reyes, yes he is amazing but I take Johnny Archer over him any day. and if you have the seen the color of money 9 ball is the best form of entertainment because “it’s quick and good for tv”

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