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Chewin The Fat – Snooker

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

Chewin The Fat – Snooker

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  1. im shagging his bird LMFAO

  2. the last one is brilliant when greg gets knocked out lol

  3. IM sure the guy who put 50p down for a game was steve davis! The Snooker player?

  4. Lol, lovin the guy walkin up with the pint and puttin the money down on the table!!!

  5. lol that im shaging his girl part LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! XD

  6. Chewing the Fat, best show ever.

  7. omg that was funny

  8. lmao luv it

  9. Was he fae Milton?

  10. thats mark, he used to my my next door neighbour. they have this really cute dog.

  11. lmfao at the guy that puts chalk on his face

  12. on yir sel man class

  13. brilliant.

  14. Chewin the fat is the shit

    Hibs for the SPL

  15. am shaggin his burd tae

  16. coins on the table IS brilliant!

  17. lol. theyr sons go tae ma skl

  18. hahaa whayyyyyyyyy mon scotland

  19. SCOTLAND! SCOTLAND! aye its pure dead brilliant!
    gotta luv it ditto on da goat shaggin thing!

  20. scotland rullleeezzzzzz and chewin the fat is unbeliveble

  21. mon the scots!!!! scotland rules n all that think otherwise can get it rite up em!!

  22. I Love Chewin’ the fat. 100% hilarious. I agree on the shag goats theory. Chewin’ the fat rocks!

  23. lol pure fukin stupid

    jst wot i like lol class!!

  24. Coins on the table is sheer fucking class! 🙂

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