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CoC #3 closed Felix update 1wk later

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

All the tips I received from all of you were pretty much the same, so I have adjusted my position and am closing using different parts of my hand.Still struggling with the setting because im not allowed to squeeze with my right arm. Any comments welcome, got a few more things lined up including one hand deadlift and billiard cue’s lift between two fingers?…

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  1. Amazing for left hand, they are designed for right hand so once your right hand is healed I expect you will be able to reach might #4.

  2. Great close Mark! Your ready to get certified

  3. Wow peace of cake!. Dont mention it.

  4. GREAT WORK!! well done!! you are mastering the technique!!

  5. Good stuff – onward and upward!

  6. Good job Mark! Sounds like the gripper spring could use a little oil.

  7. didnt look to me like u had much problem there,negatives r realy good ,close like u just did but wif no 4 and push ur knuckles against the top of ur leg wen u cant get any further to help close the hand more,then hold for 5 seconds do 5 holds each hand in a workout,but only once a week cos these are intense,enjoy

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