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Cowlauncher Talks Video Game DLC #40 01/02/09 Part 1 ~ WiiWare

By • Jan 17th, 2009 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Hey Guys! Happy New Year! This Week’s Wii coverage includes Maboshi’s Arcade and Star Tropics II Zoda’s Revenge. Also released this week was Pool Revolution: Cue Sports for WiiWare. It is 500 points in the US. I did not cover it but there is an excellent long demo reel on the Nintendo Channel. I also didn’t have time to cover Ninja Town for the DS, but initial impressions are solidly swell! Please check back tomorrow as I cover the rest of the DLC for this week! Yow!

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  1. Yeah Nintendo could have done alot better this week.

  2. all of those games suck

  3. coo i’m still on the fence about getting a wii..its like..why?i’m there if they make another metroid!!!star fox!!!!

  4. Great work again, Cowlauncher! YOW!

  5. that sounds great

  6. loved it cowlauncher! cant wait for the 360 one tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow)

    and btw, nintendo already confirmed a solution to the memory, soon they will release a huge update that will solve the problem (free system update)

    thought you’d want to know!

  7. As far as DLC goes, I am not too sure what is coming out, but for disc games, there isn’t too much. I think its only the Pikman and Mario Tennis remakes. And thats it for the next 2 or 3 months. I’m guess the holiday will be full of good Wii games.

  8. Thank you! I love scouring the net for new info abd sharing it.

  9. Lol! You know its probably coming out.

  10. Yeah, that came out of nowhere and I got a good chuckle out of that! Choo choo!

  11. It is alot of fun. Especially since every week is a mystery as to what is coming out.

  12. Love how you have to energy to do this and you also seem to enjoy it a lot 🙂 So do we!

  13. CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. great vid again man keep em comin

  15. Ya I laughed too! Also, cow launcher, you forgot to talk about the conduit when you said that not much was coming to the wii for 1st quarter. Its going to help save my wii from being sold. cant wait!

  16. all aboard the cow launcher train!!! CHOO CHOO!
    XD Love your show!

  17. ” I dont want casual crap like…Wii Fit2:Search for a bigger Wiiness.”
    Cow launcher, I salute you

  18. Search for the Wiiness xD

  19. Thanks for doing these DLC updates, otherwise I’d be all over the net looking for whats new, but you got it all covered. Thanks!!!

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