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This is a video of the wii-ware game cuesports which cost 800 points from the wii shop channel. In this I am playing as Gumper, friend code 2793-4442-0325 against my gaming friend bigguykid, friend code 1934-4229-4534 who is also the second ranked player on the PAL server of Medal of Honer Heroes 2 for wii. As you likely noticed already we are playing 8 Ball and best of 3 frames. Neither of us I would say are professionals, but we would be up for any challenges so if you also have the game we would be very grateful to have your friends code as well. Enjoy the video =)

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  1. Even with the Korn soundtrack this video if just too s**t to maintain my interest in watching it….it’s even worse than some of Brain’s videos!!

  2. well i edited this quite a bit, cutting out all the boring screens when bigguy was taking this shots, you have 40 seconds to take each so there can be some waiting like if bigguy pots lots in a row and takes this time doing each shot. tv show kings doesnt have none of that as all players play at once and you can skip any cut scenes if all of you don’t want to watch them. ill will try and get a video up of it =)

  3. hey this is some good playing here, looks a bit boring though the cue sports=( but as usual good video =)

  4. will do 🙂

  5. well i’m normally online sunday morning as well as many of the others, so may see you online then =)

  6. Sometimes because it has to be connected to my router and wii which is in my living room so probably every friday, saturday and sunday i might see you this weekend ps3 is boring thetrooper has gotten 10th prestige in MW2 which is getting to level 70 10 times (very long) 21 days in total

  7. are you playing MoH again now then?

  8. @gumperstain yup i did 🙂

  9. no i am still playing MoH and will be making some more montages of stain clan wars that i play, would have had one uploaded this week, but i messed up the footage by recording on battery turning it to laggy shit!!! thanks for the comment on my karabiner montages though, they are for sure my best =)

  10. Hey, Gumper, did you quit MoH? I loved your Karabiner montages.

  11. sorry i think it maybe too late now, just red your post =[ did you get it working though by using the wire?

  12. nope 🙁 ill get the wired adapter then connect it tonight .. come on at 9:30pm

  13. that is good jack, what is your friend code on the game please?

  14. did you test your wii out for one last time then last night and did it work?

  15. i have this game on my wii channel !!

  16. ahh miss the good old times on moh 🙁 i’ve only got thetrooper2B on PS3. i think i’ll tr plug my adapter in the ii from my wireless router and play this friday for one last time.

  17. no it isn’t that complicated and points here in the uk cost around £14.99 for 2000 so it ways out around £7.00 which is cheaper then another cue game on wii and is just as good a less you get them free by using the nintendo card you get with all nintendo products =)

  18. XD looks complicated, is 800 points a lot?

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