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Deans Pool Tips “Body Position, Stroke & Bridge”

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

For those of you who are new to the game, these tips are not intented to coach players who already have a good stroke and use english in their pool game. Recently I have received some negative comments from those players who apparently do not understand english and most likely are not comfortable with their stroke. There are some fundamentals you must learn before attempting more advanced techniques such as; english, masse, jump shots etc… you can not build a house on sand, build your foundation first before moving on to your advanced game and “Good Luck” – Thanks for watching “Dean’s Pool Tips.” and is available on DVD at

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  1. Very nice video, I’m a rookie in this so this is going to help me very much. Thank you a lot and have a happy holidays.

  2. What ever feels right, open or closed is ok as long as your cue does not move off guide when you execute your stroke a closed bridge secures your cue from moving off guide.
    Good Luck

  3. Thanks for four comments and you are correct, this would work as well, as for jacking up my cue, I was probably just showing off…lol –

    Take Care and keep up the good work…

  4. Check out the answer just before this one, as for the diamonds, use them as markers on the table to guide you when shooting into the rails, I go more into this in my video’s

  5. Good Luck, hope you win


  6. This is very common, mostly due to “no chalk” on your tip and stoke possibly being to low. Try 1 1/2 inchs below cue ball center, chalk up and picture your tip going through the cue ball about 1 inch, just enough to cause backward spin, get your cue out of the way because it’s coming back.
    Good Luck

  7. very nice video to set an example.. i need a video that tells us the vocab and the meaning followed by an example… i think that would be one of the first steps to teaching pool to a noob… how to speak it.. very nice video

  8. Good video. I always wanted to learn how to use english in my shots. I never could make the cue ball roll back, I always just make it jump foward!

  9. i can’t get the ball to roll backwards, any other tips? also, how do i use the diamonds on the rails on the table properly? thanks

  10. I notice you use a closed bridge in all your subsequent shots, it must obviously mean it’s more reliable. I’m an open bridge player, and when I struggle trying to maintain stability when using closed-bridge. I guess it will take a while? But I couldn’t really get a clear shot at how you hold it that way.

  11. i’m a bit of a novice. I’ve played in the pool league for 2 seasons, in the first I won 0 games, in the second I won just short of half. This season i’ve won 1 and lost 1. But, i’ve looked at a few of your videos just today, and its opened my eyes to a hell of a lot- and definitely makes things simple. will get back to you if i win! keep up the good work!

  12. Dean, sorry but your cue is jacked up.
    A level smooth stroke makes cueball control much easier.
    Also, I disagree on spinning the cueball for shape ( no rail ).
    If you want to draw the cueball to your right, just hit the object ball a little to the right.

  13. You are correct, I wanted to take this shot over again but they wouldn’t let me…. lol


  14. For this shot you must have a very fast stroke, causing the cue ball to spin either bottom left or bottom right, if you have no stroke you can’t perform this shot, this was not a masse or elevated cue shot, which video were you watching?
    Just to clear up a few things

  15. yesterday was one of my first time playing pool–just got one in my house,

    so im glad u got these videos up, cause im gona need them if i wana even think about beating my grandpa when he comes up here

  16. You shouldn’t say that there isn’t any cue ball control with a open bridge because many of the best players in the world play with an open bridge and they have great control.

  17. thanks for the comment, stay in touch I would like to know how your game is coming along.
    Good Luck
    Dean “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  18. That’s awesome man, thanks alot. Just remember to practice. That’s what it’s all about.

  19. thanks agen and hope u knw that ur videos means a lot to us..dn listen to da haterz..

  20. hey is ur website called deans pool tips? ill try it anyways

  21. That’s great man! Keep it up and remember to practice! Keep watching and if you want tips that you can’t get here check out my website. I’ve got a DVD out now with some new tips!

  22. great video man…. I’m just begining to be good enough to start putting some english on the cue to set up for my next shot and this vid helped me out ty!

  23. Great videos. They’ve helped me become a great player. I just have one question. Is it true that a cue stick with a rounder tip is better than one that isn’t?

  24. Thanks for that. I’m going to be shooting some new tips and will include your suggestion!

  25. Hey thanks for watching. It’s a 9′ regulation table.

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