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Deans Pool Tips – “Combination Shots”

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“Getting Position after a Combination Shot”…cueball control is everything! DVD now available got to

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  1. Thanks for the comment, and you are correct about hitting the rail first on a rail shot, I was mostly focusing on “Combination Shots” and didn’t pay too much attention to that particular shot, I was a bit rushed when doing this tip – I hope you are sharing your experience with new pool players, we need to make this sport as popular as other sports e.g. Golf, Tennis, NASCAR Etc…Pro Pool Players should have the same opportunity as other High Profile sports figures. Dean “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  2. I am sorry to say, but that is wrong, unless you’re just a few inches from the pocket. Hitting the rail and ball at the same time is a recipe for a miss. Hit the rail just a fraction of a inch before the object ball. The harder you hit the cue ball, the more distance you need from the object ball. You see, the cushion compresses allowing the cue to hit the object ball at the real contact point.

    And, never use outside english on rail shots unless you know how to compensate for deflection.

  3. I am not a teacher by any means but I have been playing for 5 years or so. When shooting at an object ball that is on the rail you want to hit the object ball and the rail at the same time basically. Keep in mind the angle you are shooting at in relation to the rail will dictate which part of the cue ball must contact the object ball first. This is what most beginners have the most trouble with…..knowing exactly what point on the cue ball has to hit the object ball first.

  4. I just got my first pool table, and can’t stop playing. I’m having trouble with shots where the ball is on or near the bumper. Do you have any tips?

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