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You’ve all wanted to see the Masse Shot so here you go!
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  1. Thanks for your comment, I agree but keep in mind that most people learn this after learning the fundamentals.


  2. FYI…..The greater the elevation of your cue that faster the cue ball will curve…

    IE: Imagine 2 shots, for both shots the cue ball is hit at 3:00, however shot #1 was hit at a 30 degree angle while shot 2 was hit at an 80 degree angle. The first shot should travel down the table for quite some distance (depending on speed of course) before it breaks off the initial target line and begins to swerve to the right, however shot #2 should almost instantly begin to swerve to the right!

  3. thats sikkkkkk its like watching a football curl but in pool. im gonna lern this to show off to my mates for the fun of it 😀

  4. Thanks a lot for this, i’ve always wondered how to curl the cue ball 🙂

  5. The weight of the cue shoudn’t matter, it’s how you stroke down on the cue ball. Remember you are creating spin on the cue ball in order to change its direction, if you put enough back spin on the cue ball hitting it 6 inches forward, it will come straight back to the point of contact, now if you move the tip slightly left or right it will curve, play around with this and observe the results. Cue elevation is key when doing this shot, be careful not to damage the felt.
    Good luck.

  6. i have a 19oz cue, does this just make it harder to do a masse shot since its lighter? I haven’t been able to put enough curve in the cue ball when i hit it. should i be hitting higher up on the cue ball maybe?

  7. Yes, but first get your stroke down, and remember you don’t have to hit this shot hard, this shot is about getting that cue ball to spin and move the direction you want, very important to chalk before every shot.
    Good Luck
    Dean “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  8. Yes, check out the rest of my vids on YouTube, you will find the draw shot.
    Good Luck, and have fun with pool
    Dean “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  9. hey do u have any vids about draw shot tips i just cant seem to get my shot down

  10. ill have to practice for this one!

  11. Yes, I agree and thanks for your comments…


  12. kool we can email

  13. Well, since you’re playing it a bit harder than I personally would it could be a massé where the spin grabs the cloth and curves it. But what happens on a swerve is that you sort of ‘push the ball into the cloth’ sideways(it’s relatively slow). The cueball wants to go to the side with least friction and wants to go to the objectball. A massé shot grabs the cloth with spin, whereas a swerve slides and creates a sort of ‘no-pressure zone’ on the cloth, like one part of the table is lower.

  14. Thanks for your comments – I am familiar with a Swerve Shot based on your description, in my video there is not enough distance to execute a “Swerve Shot” so I had to Masse – and yes I did have to grab the cloth to get around my object ball at a short distance –

    Thanks again for your comments


  15. Your Welcome – Stay in touch and good luck with your game –


  16. Thanks for your kind comment and watching this video. I understand that we not all execute a shot the exact same way; this is why we develop our own technique and style. So when practicing if something works for you keep doing it, never change something that works especially if your getting great results. Good Luck in your game and stay in touch –


  17. i agree, very usefull

  18. thanks helps out a lot ur tips rock!

  19. Swerveshot is the term that is used for this kind of shot in snooker. The difference between a swerve-shot and a massé is that swerveshot doesn’t actually change it’s direction because the ball grabs the cloth. It changes direction because the spin(which is diagonal relative to the table) creates less friction on one side of the ball at the moment your cue hits the ball. If this was a massé, the ball would keep curving in the same angle until it hit something.

  20. A what? A complete reversal of cueball direction would be the most radical example; however, the Massé in this video did not require it. Yes, there is such thing as “Slight Massé” not all Massé shots are radical, I guess you call this a “Swerve” shot, that is a new one for me, I’ll have to research this shot and see if it even exists.
    Thanks for the comment

  21. This is a swerve, not a massé shot. Massé grabs the cloth, swerve makes the ball sort of slip back and makes it return to it’s original line(if you strike it properly). For this shot you wouldn’t even have to elevate the cue that much.

  22. Thanks for watching, I’ll have to check it out…


  23. i noticed your break in the beginning of the video. your rack waz very loose, there was a cluster of balls after broken!

  24. MOREEEEE !!

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